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Rehabilitation center IsraRehab

About us

The IsraRehab International Narcological Rehabilitation Center was established in 2004. We offer an individual approach to each patient and create personalized rehabilitation programs.

Our advantages

15 years of successful medical care

Our clinic comes to the aid of everyone who addresses us in an effort to overcome their addiction.

Clinic professionals in all directions

Each of our employees is a qualified specialist with extensive experience. And everyone is interested in helping patients.

Individual approach to each problem

We do not practice stereotyped solutions to problems of different people. Assistance programs are drawn up individually after examining the problem from the inside.

Proven authoring methods

We use techniques that have positively proven themselves in world practice, and which effectiveness has been proven.

Effective rehabilitation program

The rehabilitation period is an indispensable part of the fight against addiction and takes place in the mildest possible conditions.


Our center has a pleasant homely atmosphere, and there is no language barrier: all our staff speaks Russian.

Treatment stages in the clinic


We do not use substitution therapy, since this technique does not solve the problem, but only “reprograms” the patient's body, replacing the need for heavy drugs with the need for drugs of a similar effect.

The most popular drug for substitution therapy is "Methadone" and others with a similar active substance are classified as narcotic drugs and are not used in our clinic.

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Комплексное обследование
Comprehensive examination

We carry out a comprehensive medical examination of the patient's organism in order to understand the current state and determine the most effective ways to solve the problem.

Решение проблемы

All procedures are performed strictly according to an individually made program.


Thanks to the group or individual therapy, we provide psychological support, helping to return to normal life.

IsraRehab VIP Program


We never and to anyone disclose the personal information of our patients and their medical secrets. Only the team will know about your stay at the clinic.

Персональное жилье
Private accommodation

Every VIP patient is provided with separate accommodation that looks like a private house or apartment, which you can equip as you like.

Подходящая местность
Suitable terrain

The residential buildings owned by the clinic are located near the sea and in the countryside. You can choose between these two options.


You will not interact with other patients in the clinic. All services will be provided at the place of your stay.

Educational program for codependents

We have regular group online trainings on Zoom, addressing traumas and working with negative beliefs and attitudes.

Lecture course for codependents by the RillRecovery Foundation


Поддержка после реабилитации

Our clinic takes a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 12 months for rehabilitation, depending on the complexity of the case and the duration of treatment. However, this period of time is the necessary minimum that will allow a person to get used to the world around him and will require continuation after discharge from the clinic, but at home. Often, after being discharged from the clinic, patients who have overcome drug addiction need psychological help, which relatives, even if they wish, cannot always provide. Thus, our specialists can provide such support, as well as therapeutic support to the former patients of our clinic.

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Семейная программа

This program has been developed for family members of a person who has drug or alcohol addiction. The program is aimed at improving the effectiveness of rehabilitation after treatment by helping family members to overcome the addiction. The course of this program includes information on helping an addict, as well as explains the rules of behavior and communication that allow the patient of the clinic to feel the support and care of his nearest and dearest.

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Clinic specialists

Patient stories

Last hope

At 24, I was an experienced drug addict. Without a home, job, and friends. And once I realized that it is simply impossible to continue living like this. And I ended up in this clinic. I wanted to recover quickly, but it didn’t work out. Treatment progressed slowly. And my morale was extremely depressed for a long time.
Attention and care is what I am first of all grateful to the clinic staff for. Probably, little children have even less attention than I had there.
Treatment and rehabilitation took about 1.5 years. Today I live a fulfilling life without even thinking about drugs.

You just saved me!

Starting from the age of 20 and until recently, I have been increasing alcohol consumption. The harmless “glass of wine at dinner” eventually turned into a bottle or two of spirits per day. Almost everyone turned away from me: friends, relatives, colleagues. But here they helped me to get on my feet.
I was treated for 6 months, and although sometimes I feel like drinking, I now have the strength to give up this desire and live a sober life.

Daria, 40 y.o.
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