Treatment of panic attacks in Israel

Panic attacks are a common phenomenon that affects every fifth person at some point in their life. Despite being occasionally mistakenly associated with somatic illnesses, the treatment for this disorder is actually provided by psychiatrists and psychotherapists. IsraRehab clinic applies advanced techniques from Israeli and global medicine that can eliminate panic attacks and their causes.

Key points about the condition

A panic attack is characterized by a strong episode of fear and anxiety accompanied by somatic symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, sweating, shortness of breath, or pain. The episode typically occurs within a relatively short period, lasting from 10 minutes to an hour, making it difficult for doctors to evaluate. If the condition is sporadic, it is referred to as panic attacks, while regular recurrence of symptoms may indicate panic disorder.

Panic attacks can be triggered by anxiety or stressful situations, often associated with specific phobias of an individual. However, unexpected attacks can also occur without an obvious cause. Additionally, the pathological form of the condition may be accompanied by comorbid major depression.

Since the symptoms of panic attacks are highly pronounced and cause significant discomfort to those affected, most individuals make efforts to avoid situations that could trigger an attack. However, this avoidance does not contribute to the treatment as it merely conceals the pathology instead of addressing it.

Diagnosing of panic attacks

As panic attacks are often accompanied by somatic symptoms related to the cardiovascular, respiratory, or digestive systems, patients may fear serious illnesses in these areas, leading them to consult general practitioners or specialized doctors. However, in such cases, the attention of specialists will be focused solely on the symptoms, while the underlying cause remains unnoticed.

IsraRehab clinic employs a modern approach in diagnosing panic attacks. Initially, the doctor needs to ensure that the patient does not have any somatic illnesses capable of causing similar symptoms. Afterward, a comparison is made between the reported symptoms and the clinical criteria for panic attacks.

To identify panic disorder, persistent recurrence of attacks and anxiety related to their potential consequences are required. Furthermore, patients with this pathology exhibit maladaptive reactions to attacks, attempting to avoid crowded places and social interactions to prevent relapses.

Treatment methods

Some individuals may overcome panic attacks without any treatment, especially when the triggers that caused the panic are frequently encountered. However, self-rehabilitation can be lengthy and distressing, particularly when accompanied by comorbid mental disorders.

Qualified individualized treatment is essential for overcoming panic attacks. IsraRehab employs effective techniques that have been proven by top Israeli specialists. Among other approaches used to combat panic attacks are:

  • Medication therapy: An individual selection of effective medications is conducted, and their usage is closely monitored. This may include prescribing antidepressants, benzodiazepines, or combination drugs.
  • Psychotherapy: The primary goal of a psychotherapist is to create situations in which the patient confronts their phobias, enabling them to overcome fear of previously panic-inducing situations. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is also utilized to teach adaptive behavior and provide control over the situation, effectively managing and alleviating panic attacks.

Advantages of the IsraRehab Clinic

The IsraRehab Rehabilitation Center employs the best achievements of Israeli medicine to assist patients with panic attacks and mental disorders. However, treatment is built upon multiple components, including a thoughtfully designed rehabilitation center where each patient receives personal attention. Throughout the treatment process, patients feel comfortable as leisure areas and sports activities contribute to physical and emotional relaxation.

  • Price table
  • Diagnostic assessment

    500 $

  • Treatment of panic attacks

    7000 $

The unique climate of Israel also contributes to the treatment. The clean environment and air not only have a calming effect but also promote overall strengthening of the body. The effect is enhanced during trips to the sea or excursions organized by IsraRehab. A change in activities has a soothing effect and makes the treatment of panic attacks even more effective.

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