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IsraRehab individual program

Among the patients of rehabilitation centers, there are often those who find it a burden to be in the company of their own kind. The traditional approach to rehabilitation gives them an insignificant effect, i.e. a person cannot detach from the outside world and plunge into himself in order to see the problem.

For such patients, the IsraRehab clinic has created a VIP department. It’s a place of peace and tranquility. There are few patients, and you can hardly meet them throughout the rehabilitation period.

We take care of everything

The main feature of our premium service is adaptability. Our specialists draw up a list of services individually for each patient right at the consultation stage, taking into account all his needs.

You can count on a full range of services from meeting at the airport and transfer to the clinic to a comprehensive examination in the best clinics in Israel.

How to reach us

Our specialists will discuss all the details with you, tell you about treatment programs and methods of rehabilitation, and also announce the price of a rehabilitation course.

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Safety and comfort

The VIP department is completely anonymous. If the client wishes, none of our patients and staff will see him. Several people will be attached to him, who will not be seen, and at any time, if necessary, will come to help. Rehabilitation takes place exclusively in the patient's personal space.

We guarantee anonymity
and complete confidentiality!

Clinic specialists

Accommodation for VIP patients

The medical buildings are surrounded by orchards.

The rehabilitation center is located half an hour from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The drive to the Mediterranean Sea is even closer, it only takes 10 minutes.

We have regular sea trips, visits to the pool and sauna, as well as excursions across Israel that gives a lot of joy to our patients. New knowledge, favorable climate, and fresh air contribute to early recovery.

Reviews about VIP-rehabilitation

Thank you so much for my son!

It’s almost 9 months since he returned home and got back to life.

The whole family is incredibly happy about this! For almost a year, as my son was at your center, you helped him to get away from the disease, applying all your experience and knowledge. You are great professionals!

I thank God that there is such a center and that you help our children with all your heart! I love you so much!

God bless you!

I’m the mother of a recovering son, and I would like to express my gratitude to the staff of the Path to Light rehabilitation center.

People who have become so close to my heart, you saved my son. You returned joy and happiness to his life and the life of his loved ones. You truly do wonders.

I thank God that I found out about you and sought help, you are truly professionals. And you are wonderful people.

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