Treatment of codependency in Israel

Psychological assistance and rehabilitation are not always needed only by those who suffer from chemical addiction or mental disorders. Codependency is a common occurrence in families, which negatively affects the quality of life of those involved. IsraRehab clinic offers its help in correcting this pathology. Advanced methods of global medicine and the healing climate of Israel are what is needed for recovery.

Defining codependency and its impact on quality of life

In psychology, codependency refers to a pathological behavioral habit that can manifest among family members of individuals suffering from chemical addiction. In this case, concern for the well-being of another person surpasses normal levels and affects the ability to think and act rationally.

If a person with chemical or non-chemical dependency lives among their family members, it is logical that there will be a desire to take care of them and help them in their struggle. However, the danger lies in the fact that the entire life of the family members may revolve around assisting the affected individual. If personal interests and well-being are sacrificed in the process, codependency becomes evident—a psychological complication that needs to be addressed.

For codependent individuals, qualified help is just as important as it is for those who suffer from psychological or chemical dependencies. The behavior pattern aimed at controlling every aspect of the affected person’s life becomes pathological.

Codependents feel responsible for the well-being of others, and this suppression can lead to anger, impulsivity, or depression. These individuals may also be dependent on the opinions of others, causing them to hide the difficulties faced by the person they care for. By sacrificing themselves for the well-being of others, they try to earn the approval of their surroundings or achieve inner satisfaction.

When natural care turns into obsession and overprotection, it inevitably leads to negative consequences. The following individuals suffer from codependency:

  • The codependent himself: Ignoring their own needs, hobbies, and well-being leads to deteriorating health, the emergence or exacerbation of chronic illnesses, as well as depression and psychological difficulties.
  • The person who takes care of the codependent: When the dependent person becomes accustomed to overprotection, they cease to make decisions independently and evade responsibility for their actions.

Moreover, codependents can hinder the recovery process of those with chemical dependencies. This pathology can lead to situations where relatives cannot deny them access to psychoactive substances, and they may even engage in substance use together, thus developing dependency among those who initially sought to help their family member.

Defining codependency at the IsraRehab Clinic

At times, codependency is diagnosed in individuals who had no intention of seeking help themselves but are simply interested in treatment methods for their relatives with dependencies. IsraRehab clinic employs advanced diagnostic and treatment methods based on proven techniques from Israeli and global medicine in its practice.

The definition of codependency occurs through conversations with the dependent individual and their family members. In the process of diagnosis, invaluable assistance is provided through honest and open communication with the doctors.

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Treatment of codependency in Israel

IsraRehab Rehabilitation Center helps individuals with both chemical and non-chemical addictions, as well as those suffering from various forms of codependency. The first step for the doctors is to help individuals recognize the problem and understand the importance of working on it. However, therapy does not end there. Based on the personal characteristics of the individual, IsraRehab specialists develop an individualized treatment program that demonstrates high effectiveness.

The RillRecovery Foundation, dedicated to assisting addicts and their loved ones, has launched a lecture series for codependents:

Therapeutic Telegram channel

Video lectures

During the treatment process, various techniques are applied, including:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy, which helps change behavioral patterns and avoid risky situations.
  • Consultations with a psychotherapist, who assists in building healthy relationships with the dependent individual.
  • Working on one’s personality and self-esteem.

Throughout the treatment, doctors will help restore self-esteem, overcome fear, and learn to lead an independent and healthy life, where the codependent individual is given the appropriate place.

  • Price table
  • Diagnostic assessment

    500 $

  • Treatment of codependency

    7000 $

The recovery process is also influenced by the atmosphere within the rehabilitation center and beyond. The Israeli climate contributes to maintaining inner tranquility, while the excursions and trips organized by the clinic to the sea help distract from negative thoughts and promote psychological rejuvenation.

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