LSD addiction treatment in Israel

LSD is a strong psychoactive substance, which has certain differences in its addiction. So, the myth about the safety of a substance can stimulate a person to use it – it is believed that it does not do any harm to health, and with regular use, there is no characteristic “withdrawal” in case of refusal. Indeed, there may be no significant harm to organs and tissues. However, after carrying out a thorough study, scientists found out that it has a great impact on the psyche. Therefore, it is important to start therapy in a timely manner to get rid of painful cravings.

Highly qualified and experienced specialists of the IsraRehab clinic are engaged in the treatment of LSD addiction in Israel.

LSD addiction symptoms

It is difficult to find out that a person is using LSD without being with him during the actual use or action of the drug. However, a number of “alarm bells” can be identified that may indicate the presence of a disease. These include:

  • agitation (liveliness, motional restlessness, anxiety);
  • depression;
  • suicidal tendencies;
  • pallor;
  • weight loss, etc.

The drug use takes effect in 15-20 minutes and lasts up to 12 hours. During this period, a person experiences hallucinations, euphoria, motional excitement, delusional states, color perception disorders, etc.

LSD addiction diagnostics

It is difficult to detect a hallucinogen in a patient’s body. This can only be done within a few days after the use. This is due to the fact that the concentration of the effective dose of the drug is quite low, moreover, it quickly begins to participate in metabolic processes and is excreted just as quickly.

It may be enough for an experienced physician to talk with relatives and the patient to determine the dependence on the hallucinogen. And to identify concomitant pathologies, you should talk to a psychiatrist, psychotherapist, etc.

LSD addiction treatment methods at the IsraRehab clinic

There is no physical withdrawal after cancellation, therefore it is possible to cancel the substance at once, without fear for human health. However, detoxification therapy is still relevant – it is important to maintain the patient’s health, remove toxins and decay products, and for a person to enter the rehabilitation stage in good health.

There are no medication methods that work on their own. However, the use of medical drugs can significantly help – both at the stage of excretion of the substance, eliminate increased anxiety, agitation, depression, etc., and in the future improve the psycho-emotional state. Besides, a narcotic substance can aggravate existing mental disorders, which are subject to drug correction. A psychiatrist-narcologist can also deal with their diagnosis and treatment.

The rehabilitation stage aims to eliminate the consequences of the use of LSD for the human psyche.

The methods of psychotherapeutic influence and rehabilitation are determined by the state of the psyche, the “experience” of use, and the presence or absence of concomitant pathologies. IsraRehab uses techniques that have proven themselves in world drug addiction practice:

  • cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy;
  • “12 steps” program;
  • art therapy;
  • psychodrama;
  • transactional analysis, etc.

The duration of the rehabilitation course is also determined individually. But it is important to remember that there are no short-term methods of addiction treatment: the basis of effective treatment is identifying and working out the causes of painful cravings for substances.

The third treatment stage is adaptation. A person who has returned to his usual life after staying at the rehabilitation center continues to receive help and support from specialists, the opportunity to attend group sessions, and continue long-term psychotherapy.

Getting rid of the addiction starts with the desire of the patient. IsraRehab does not practice coercive therapy, it is important to get the person’s consent. Usually, the first consultation with a narcologist is initiated by the addict’s close people, i.e. those who are not indifferent to his fate. If the patient does not agree to be treated, our specialists can also help in creating the necessary motivation.

Cost of LSD addiction treatment in Israel

The cost of the course of treatment is determined by several factors: the need to attract specialists of a narrow profile, the features of the detoxification stage and the use of drugs, the duration of the rehabilitation period. The table below shows the approximate prices. To get a more accurate calculation, please contact the IsraRehab clinic directly.

  • Price table
  • Diagnostics

    500 $

  • Treatment and therapy

    from 7000 $

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