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Drug addiction is a complex chronic disease that can progress quickly. Very often it is accompanied by mental disorders: they can be both the root cause of chemical addiction or its consequence. And in almost all cases of drug addiction, we observe a decrease in criticality, meaning that a person can sincerely believe that he will recover at any moment or simply not realize that he is addicted. Drug addiction treatment abroad is highly effective, but only if you go to reliable clinics. You should not risk the health of a loved one. Thus, we recommend you to contact a licensed institution where you will certainly get qualified assistance. 

The IsraRehab clinic specialists are ready to provide assistance no matter how complicated the case may be. We use advanced diagnostic and treatment methods, provide comprehensive support at all stages of rehabilitation, and do our best to create a friendly and pleasant atmosphere and a therapeutic environment for our patients. 

Advantages of addiction treatment abroad 

Many of our compatriots prefer to receive treatment abroad, and not without reason: the high level of medicine, the use of advanced world methods of treatment, the presence of powerful psychotherapeutic schools; this and much more determines the quality of treatment and rehabilitation in foreign rehab centers. Medical tourism is developing in all directions and so does narcology and psychiatry. 

We observe the highest interest in the institutions of Israel. The main advantage of treatment here is an individual approach: the most effective and proven methods are easily adapted to each patient separately. Doctors will certainly take into account not only the psychological profile but also the duration of the disease, the level of interest in recovery, the number of independent attempts to give up taking drugs, etc.

The average world level of pricing in Israel allows you to get an optimal ratio of price and quality of medical services. You won’t find here an unreasonably high cost of treatment if you go to a private clinic. Both public and private institutions are regulated by the state in terms of pricing policy.  

By the way, the state makes considerable investments into medicine, considering it one of the priority areas. The work of medical clinics is under close supervision. 

High level of qualifications of specialists. In a private rehabilitation center for addicts, you will meet specialists with higher medical education like psychiatrists, narcologists, psychotherapists, and psychologists, and trained addiction consultants. 

Diagnosing drug addiction abroad

Before developing an individual program of treatment and rehabilitation, it is important for a doctor to understand the case: to assess the health and psyche condition of the patient, to identify chronic diseases and disorders in a timely manner. The first stage of diagnostics is a one-on-one consultation. The narcologist will ask questions about the state of health, the duration of use and substances, and find out the level of motivation for recovery. If the examination is initiated not by the will of the patient himself, but as often happens, by his relatives, the doctor may have a conversation with them as well. 

The following methods can be implemented within the framework of diagnostics: 

  • visual, physical examination, blood pressure, and pulse measurements;
  • lab tests for the presence of drugs, biochemical tests, assessment of the level of thyroid hormones, and other tests according to indications, depending on the health condition;
  • ECG, EEG, ultrasound, and other instrumental diagnostic methods. 

A detailed and accurate data about the state of health will help to select the drugs for detoxification therapy and determine their duration. 

Drawing up a psychological portrait, simple diagnostic tests for mental disorders such as depression, generalized anxiety disorder, suicidal tendencies, etc., allow you to assess the psychological balance of a patient and choose the right tools for further work. 

Drug addiction treatment methods in foreign clinics

Many of our compatriots have faced a flagrant violation of international standards for drug addiction treatment in rehabilitation centers. Such violations include forced internment, psychological pressure, and some have also been subjected to physical violence. This approach is completely unacceptable and illegal. Therefore, it is important to choose a clinic carefully. If it is a good clinic, you will be provided with the necessary documents at the first request, including the license to provide medical services. 

A reliable clinic will definitely offer the following treatment methods:

  • detoxification therapy: the first and indispensable step for any case. Also, special medical drugs can be used to normalize sleep, blood pressure, heart rate, restore liver and kidney function, etc.;
  • psychosocial rehabilitation, including occupational therapy, consultation with therapists, the “12 steps” program, teamwork and communication with like-minded people, etc.;
  • the most effective methods of psychotherapy: cognitive-behavioral therapy, gestalt therapy, art therapy, psychodrama, transactional analysis, etc.

Creating a therapeutic environment is a full-fledged tool for working with the patient’s consciousness in a rehabilitation center. Such an environment includes communication with like-minded people, a favorable climate, the availability of free time for walks and reflections, the opportunity to always ask for assistance or get an answer to any question, the absence of condemnation, and qualified assistance of specialists. This method is fully implemented in the IsraRehab foreign clinic. 

Treatment stages for drug addicts abroad

  • detoxification therapy includes droppers that allow you to remove the decay products of narcotic substances, toxins, and harmful components. It serves to prepare for the key treatment methods;
  • psychosocial rehabilitation consists of the implementation of the basic tools of psychotherapeutic influence, the “12 steps” program, the analysis of feelings, one-on-one communication with a psychologist and group training and sessions, etc.; 
  • adaptation, i.e. returning to your normal living environment and applying the skills acquired in the framework of rehabilitation in real life. At this stage, the patient has the right to receive psychological, consulting, informational assistance at any time. The support of specialists and being among like-minded people allows you to avoid a breakdown and to establish yourself to lead a sober happy life. 

Individual drug addiction treatment program in the IsraRehab clinic

The standards and generally accepted approaches to addiction treatment can be adapted and transformed for each separate case. For instance, some people find it easier to undergo therapy on their own. In this case, IsraRehab offers VIP programs. 

The basic treatment program overview is carried out in accordance with the stage and specificity of the patient’s disease, age, and personality characteristics. An individual approach enables us to achieve the best result because there is no ready-made recipe for getting rid of addiction. It should be borne in mind that addiction can be accompanied by all sorts of disorders, increased anxiety, depression, and other serious conditions. Therefore, the treatment program always must be individual. This allows you to provide targeted and effective assistance. 

The cost of drug addiction treatment abroad

The cost of rehabilitation depends on several factors. The major one is the length of the rehabilitation period; the more severe the condition, the longer it will take to recover. See the prices for the clinic services in the table below. 

  • Price table
  • Diagnostics

    500 $

  • Treatment and therapy

    from 7000 $

The reputation of the institution plays an important role while choosing a clinic to receive addiction treatment. Check out the reviews of the treatment at IsraRehab from patients and their relatives in order to make the right choice. You can ask any questions, as well as make a personal appointment for a consultation, either by phone or by filling in the form on our website.

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