Amphetamine addiction treatment in Israel

Amphetamine is a powerful stimulant of the human nervous system. The use of a psychoactive substance leads to a rapid increase in activity and performance, a feeling of internal uplift, but this is carried out at the expense of the psyche’s own reserves. As a result, addiction develops so fast and the risk of wasting increases with each dose. That is why it is almost impossible to get rid of the addiction on your own.

It is important to choose a reliable clinic with a good reputation. The team of the IsraRehab clinic is successfully treating amphetamine addiction in Israel. We use leading psychotherapeutic methods and practice an integrated approach, and our rich experience in providing assistance allows us to expect excellent results of joint work, even in difficult cases.

Causes and symptoms of amphetamine addiction

Amphetamine addiction is more common in young adults. And in most cases, it’s about people who are quite prosperous and successful. Amphetamine has a special place in club culture: the substance can be used to calmly endure sleepless nights and have fun at parties. The drug is in demand among managers and business owners who believe 24/day is not enough for them, as well as among students during the session and athletes during the competition – in all cases when it is necessary to urgently help the body through a difficult period, withstand enormous loads at the cost of lack of sleep and rest…

The need to produce impressive results or calmly endure sleepless nights can hardly be called the true reason for the formation of amphetamine addiction. This may be a reason for use, while the real reason may be perfectionism and unreasonably high demands on yourself. If we are talking about the classic “party-goer”, the psychological portrait may be different.

In any case, almost anyone who takes a stimulant for the first time knows about its dangers. Addiction develops very quickly, and depletion of physical and mental resources develops just as quickly.

Learning about amphetamine use can be difficult if you do not witness the use process. But nevertheless, the development of the disease can be suspected by some symptoms:

  • excessive activity, hectic activity;
  • talkativeness, active articulation and gestures;
  • reassessment of their capabilities;
  • haste in business;
  • increased libido.

The hyperactivity is quickly replaced by the opposite effects. When the effect of the substance ends, depression, and a feeling of severe fatigue start developing. Tantrums, tearfulness, irritability may appear.

Withdrawal syndrome is accompanied by sleep, which can last up to 1.5 days. After awakening, the addict feels depressed, suicidal tendencies, suspicion, anxiety, and paranoid psychosis start appearing.

A person who has been using amphetamine for a long time can be recognized by dry, wrinkled skin, weight loss, and hand tremors. Heart problems, rapid breathing, nasal congestion develop, and resistance to infections and frequent ARVI decreases.

As addiction develops, a person’s personality changes. He becomes restless, groundlessly aggressive, suspicious, unable to explain his actions and often shows cruelty.

Diagnositics of amphetamine addiction in Israel

Laboratory diagnostics allows you to quickly and accurately determine amphetamine dependence. And an experienced narcologist may only need a conversation with the patient’s close people to see this form of addiction. However, diagnostics aims not only to identify certain substances in the body as evidence of an episode of use. It is much more important to assess the general health of a person in order to draft a detoxification and drug support program. And it is equally important to assess the personality of the addict in order to develop a treatment and rehabilitation program, taking into account his characteristics.

You can assess your physical condition using:

  • laboratory tests;
  • ultrasound of organs and vessels;
  • ECG;
  • FLG;
  • MRI and CT, etc.

An examination by an ophthalmologist and other narrow specialists may be required, since amphetamine dependence can lead to complications on the organs of vision, the nervous system, etc.

Assessment of the psychological state is carried out using conversation, testing, projective and other diagnostic methods. It is important to timely identify depression and suicidal tendencies, the likelihood of developing neuroses and psychosis, draw up a psychological portrait and find out the characteristics of a person’s personality. In this case, a team approach can be implemented: a consultation with a psychiatrist-narcologist, psychotherapist, and psychologist-diagnostician.

Amphetamine addiction treatment methods at the IsraRehab clinic

The course of drug support is developed taking into account the current condition of the patient. So, the doctor can prescribe hypnotics and sedatives to eliminate nervous excitement and restore sleep, drugs to regulate the heart rate in tachycardia and arrhythmias, etc. Detoxification is carried out in all cases, even if the person is in good health; it is important to rid the body of toxins and decomposition products of the drug. Only after that, they begin the main treatment stage.

It will not be possible to get rid of amphetamine addiction quickly; in all cases, long-term psychotherapy is relevant. It allows you to get rid of the psychological craving for a stimulant, develop new attitudes and value systems, find a new source of strength for creativity and work, and establish correct priorities. How do we achieve this?

IsraRehab uses the 12 Steps program, which allows you to reconsider your attitude to drugs and illness, develop awareness as much as possible, eliminate the effects of illness and restore healthy relationships with others, as well as learn to help others. Effective methods of psychotherapy are used:

  • psychodrama;
  • cognitive behavioral therapy;
  • art therapy;
  • transactional analysis;
  • gestalt therapy, etc.

The environment itself, in which the recovering person finds himself, also has a therapeutic effect: he is surrounded by like-minded people, and psychological help and support from specialists can be provided almost at any moment. We organize the leisure of our patients in such a way as to take into account existing and develop new interests – they get the opportunity to play sports, keep a healthy diet, participate in the life of the clinic, making efforts to collect fruits in their gardens. All residents have access to the swimming pool and sauna, classes with a fitness coach, walks to the sea, etc.

Remoteness from temptations and isolation from the previous environment and a well-formed daily routine also contribute to recovery and the formation of a new way of thinking, without any place for stimulants.

Cost of amphetamine addiction treatment in Israel

The cost of treatment consists of several factors: the period of stay in the center in Israel, the patient’s condition, the need to use medicines, the treatment program (VIP), etc. See the price list of our services in the table below.

  • Price table
  • Diagnostics

    500 $

  • Treatment and therapy

    from 7000 $

Advantages of treatment at the IsraRehab clinic

Our patients can be sure of total anonymity. For those who value privacy and work with specialists one-on-one, we have provided a VIP program.

There are a number of advantages of contacting us:

  • development of an individual program of treatment, rehabilitation;
  • assistance at the adaptation stage;
  • opportunity to work with the whole family: groups for relatives, family psychotherapy;
  • comfortable living conditions, favorable climate;
  • highly qualified doctors with many years of experience and trained staff.

You can contact us no matter how difficult your case is. If your loved one is in trouble and you suspect or know for sure that he/she is using amphetamine, contact our specialist. We will advise you on motivation issues, tell you about the methods of treatment used, and answer all your questions.

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