Treatment of anxiety disorder in Israel

Personality disorders can significantly worsen a person’s quality of life, impact their career, social adaptation, and relationships with loved ones. The good news is that modern medicine successfully treats such conditions. The IsraRehab Clinic offers its services regarding treatment of anxiety disorders. The cozy atmosphere of the rehabilitation center, advanced medical practices, and Israeli nature are the best allies on the path to a fulfilling life, free from anxieties.

Features and symptoms of anxiety disorder

Research shows that both women and men are equally susceptible to anxiety personality disorder (APD). They struggle to adapt in society and resort to any methods to avoid negative evaluations from others, often isolating themselves. Due to the fear of rejection, patients strive to minimize interactions with their surroundings, not only in everyday life but also in work-related matters. This is manifested in:

  • Refusal of career advancement due to the fear of potential criticism in a new position.
  • Desire to avoid social interactions and gatherings.
  • Avoidance of new acquaintances. Typically, individuals with anxiety disorder agree to expand their social circle only when they are assured of positive acceptance.

Fear of rejection and criticism leads patients to believe that others view them critically. They are highly sensitive to others’ opinions and fear even the slightest negative reactions that may arise during social interactions. As a result, patients with anxiety disorder often have a limited social circle and experience social isolation. This lifestyle makes it difficult for them to seek help from others in challenging situations.

External factors can exacerbate their condition. For instance, jokes about their anxiety are taken seriously and further undermine their self-confidence. In new circumstances, patients face poor self-esteem, which leads them to avoid participating in activities, and such refusals are explained by exaggerated risks or dangers.

Common reasons

According to research, anxiety personality disorder (APD) often develops as a result of mass criticism and social isolation experienced during childhood. However, this pathology can also have innate traits, leading to its manifestation as early as two years of age.

Additionally, APD can coexist with other accompanying disorders, including:

  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder.
  • Depressive disorder.
  • Social phobia and other types of panic disorders.
  • Various personality disorders.

Usually, the presence of these comorbid conditions exacerbates the severity of APD.

Diagnosing of anxiety personality disorder in Israeli medicine

During the diagnostic process, specialists at IsraRehab Clinic identify tendencies characteristic of anxiety personality disorder (APD) in patients. The main criterion is a tendency to avoid social contacts and hypersensitivity to rejection or criticism.

Typically, doctors pay attention to the following behavioral habits:

  • Avoidance of social contact, even at work.
  • Reluctance to expand their social circle.
  • Close relationships with a narrow group of people.
  • Concern about others’ reactions.
  • Feelings of inadequacy, especially in new circumstances.
  • Poor self-esteem.
  • Avoidance of personal risks or new activities.

To assess the patient’s condition, interactions are conducted both personally with the patient and with close individuals who can provide a broader and more accurate evaluation of their lifestyle.

Treatment of anxiety personality disorder at the IsraRehab Clinic

While treating anxiety personality disorder, the IsraRehab Rehabilitation Center utilizes the best achievements and practices of Israeli and global medicine. Depending on the characteristics and nature of the condition, an individualized treatment plan is tailored, which includes:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy, which helps develop social skills.
  • Supportive or psychodynamic psychotherapy.
  • Medication therapy, including controlled administration of tranquilizers and antidepressants.

Considerable attention is also given to the patient’s well-being, ensuring their comfort during the treatment process. For this purpose, the rehabilitation center provides cozy rooms and areas for sports activities and active recreation.

  • Price table
  • Diagnostic assessment

    500 $

  • Treatment of anxiety disorder

    7000 $

Additionally, IsraRehab Clinic organizes trips to the seaside and excursions so that patients can benefit not only from the treatment but also from the favorable climate of Israel. Individualized treatment from highly qualified doctors, attentive staff, and the unique environment at the center will help overcome anxiety personality disorder and become a confident, socially adapted individual.

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