Treatment of bipolar disorder in Israel

Mental disorders significantly complicate a person’s life, disrupt his relationships with others, and can even be the cause of somatic illnesses. If such a pathology is detected, the main thing is not to be ashamed of one’s condition, but to acknowledge it and seek help from professionals. The IsraRehab clinic provides assistance to those suffering from mental breakdowns. Specialists utilize all the achievements of modern Israeli medicine to treat these disorders and help individuals live a normal, healthy life.

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness characterized by affective states. Patients may experience manic, depressive, or mixed symptoms, and the intensity and frequency of their manifestations can vary a lot. The peculiarity of the disease lies in the fact that the aforementioned states alternate with a certain periodicity. In some situations, they alternate, while in others, they occasionally alternate with a “healthy” state when the psyche and personality are not impaired. Often, patients have accompanying mental disorders that also negatively impact their lives and relationships with others.

The difficulty lies not only in the illness itself but also in the patient’s environment. Lack of understanding can lead to deterioration, further exacerbating his mental state. This is why it is crucial to treat bipolar disorder.

Methods of diagnosing bipolar disorder in the clinic

The IsraRehab clinic utilizes modern diagnostic methods based on advanced achievements in Israeli and global medicine. To assess the patient’s condition, doctors carry out interviews with the patient and his close ones if necessary. During the diagnostic process, it is determined whether there have been at least two affective episodes, with at least one accompanied by a manic state.

If the diagnosis is established, a more comprehensive examination of the patient’s condition is conducted. Among other things, it is necessary to determine the cause of the illness. Bipolar disorder can be triggered by overstimulation of the body, the use of psychoactive substances, abuse of antidepressants, or somatic diseases. This determines the treatment program as well as recommendations for maintaining the nervous system.

The goal of IsraRehab specialists is to identify bipolar disorder as early as possible and determine its nature. The earlier the disease is diagnosed, the higher the effectiveness of the treatment. However, even if such symptoms have been present for a long time, the treatment will still show high effectiveness, especially considering the methods practiced by the IsraRehab rehabilitation center.

How is bipolar disorder treated in Israel?

The main principle in choosing a treatment method is an individual approach. The nature of mental disorders is such that they can be caused by a variety of factors, both somatic and psychological. IsraRehab takes into account all the characteristics of patients and their bodies when developing a treatment program. Thanks to this, the recovery process becomes faster and smoother, and the likelihood of disease recurrence is reduced.

In accordance with the developments and achievements of Israeli medicine, IsraRehab employs the following methods in the treatment of bipolar disorder:

  • Pharmacotherapy:  the use of individually selected medications under the careful supervision of doctors. Stabilizing medications are most commonly used, which help achieve remission, i.e. a reduction in symptoms and disease progression. Strict monitoring of medication intake prevents switching to the opposite state, reduces aggression, and impulsivity in the patient
  • Psychotherapy is referred to as communication sessions with the patient that has a very important goal: to teach the patient to manage the symptoms of his illness, improve interaction with society, and carefully follow all the recommendations of the doctors. In addition, IsraRehab psychotherapists teach patients to behave correctly in conflict situations, avoid factors that can trigger a relapse, and effectively resolve problems in their relationships with others.

A comprehensive approach to the treatment of bipolar disorder will help the patient not only feel better but also learn to live in society, avoiding dangerous situations and maintaining a healthy psyche. After rehabilitation at IsraRehab center, the patient will be able to return to a normal life and overcome not only the symptoms of the illness but also the self-doubt that may have arisen as a result of them.

Photos of the IsraRehab clinic

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Фото центра IsraRehab
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Staff and environment assistance

The IsraRehab clinic has a very attentive staff who not only monitors the adherence to the regimen and medication intake but also helps patients feel comfortable on the clinic premises. Additionally, the atmosphere in the rooms and the availability of opportunities for active recreation contribute to this, allowing the patient to switch focus and distract themselves from their problems.

  • Price table
  • Diagnostic assessment

    500 $

  • Treatment and therapy for bipolar disorder at IsraRehab

    7000 $

The location also plays an important role in the effectiveness of treatment at IsraRehab. The warm Israeli climate has a beneficial impact on physical health, while the sea and nature calm the nervous system and make treatment productive. Rehabilitation at the IsraRehab center is a path to a normal life and liberation from debilitating pathologies.

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