Alcoholism treatment in Israel

Alcohol addiction is a progressive chronic disease with a psychogenic nature. It can develop eventually, and because alcohol is legal and easy to get, a person may not be aware of how severe the consequences for health and psyche may be in the early stages of the formation of addiction. Seeking help timely largely determines the success of therapy. The IsraRehab clinic specialists are successfully treating alcoholism in Moscow. We use world-proven methods and tools to deal with severe chemical addictions. 

Advantages of alcoholism treatment in Israel 

The Israeli rehabilitation center is located far away from all the shops and places where you can easily get alcohol. This place not only eliminates the harmful influence of former “like-minded people”, but also allows you to get a general health effect of clean air, beautiful landscapes, and the nearby sea to help you maintain good health and mood.

The IsraRehab clinic has its own fruit and flower gardens. Seeing all those flowering plants, shrubs and trees give you positive emotions and also engage you in occupational therapy during the harvest season. Growing our own fruit and including it in the diet of residents of the center is an important component of maintaining physical health and proper nutrition. 

The daily schedule in the Israeli clinic is the same for everyone. It helps you to instill self-organizing skills. The daily schedule has the following:

  • physical education;
  • individual and group lessons with specialists;
  • occupational therapy;
  • analysis of feelings and events of the day;
  • 3 meals;
  • free time, including watching TV programs. 

An individual approach is implemented by Israeli doctors considering all the peculiarities of the disease and each patient’s personality. There is a certain gold standard of treatment, i.e. an effective regimen that is easily adapted to the specifics of the disease, the characteristics of the course and length of the disease, age, and gender, as well as personal qualities of a patient.

The doctor bears full responsibility for the patient’s condition, both physical and mental. The high level of qualifications and professional training of Israeli doctors and nursing staff allows ensuring a stable condition and psychological balance of each patient in the center. 

There are other advantages of alcoholism treatment in Israel: 

  • the state regulates the prices for therapeutic and rehabilitation services; average prices of the European level make treatment affordable even in a private clinic;
  • the state regulates the activities of municipal and private clinics; you are unlikely to encounter any unprofessional or dubious copyright techniques if you apply to a licensed institution;
  • professional development of doctors. A powerful scientific base, as well as the possibility of going on internships to countries with equally developed medicine, allows drug therapists and psychiatrists to receive really high-quality training and progress in their field. 

Methods for alcoholism treatment in Israel

When choosing treatment methods, it is important to consider the physical condition of a patient: what consequences of alcoholism could already have had a bad effect on his health. Alcohol addiction can be accompanied by the following diseases:

  • hypertonic disease;
  • diseases of the liver and gallbladder;
  • chronic pancreatitis;
  • alcoholic cardiomyopathy, etc. 

Thus, the treatment always includes detoxification therapy. This is the first stage of treatment whatever the case: at first it is important to boost the elimination of toxins and decomposition products of ethanol, improve the well-being of a patient, and only then turn to eliminate the causes of addictive behavior. 

The treatment always includes several different approaches: medication, psychotherapy and psychological assistance, occupational therapy and teaching self-service skills, organizing your leisure time, communication, etc. Only a comprehensive approach will make it possible to change downhole attitudes, learn not only to limit oneself in alcohol but to live happily and fully without it.

IsraRehab uses the following treatment methods:

  • detoxification therapy;
  • individual psycho-consultations, psycho-correction;
  • group lessons;
  • analysis of feelings; 
  • training sessions aimed at developing communication skills, resistance to stress, tension, etc.;
  • “12 steps” world-famous program;
  • art therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and other effective tools for psychotherapeutic work.

Stages of alcoholism treatment at the IsraRehab clinic

There are three major treatment stages:

  • detoxification therapy;
  • psychotherapeutic work, psychosocial rehabilitation;
  • resocialization and readaptation in society.

Detoxification therapy

This stage is aimed at cleansing the body: accelerates the elimination of decay products of ethanol and toxins. The doctor prescribes infusion therapy – saline-based droppers, glucose solutions, etc. Drugs can be added to the main course to normalize the key indicators, i.e. blood pressure, heart rate, etc., as well as improve sleep.

Psychosocial rehabilitation 

Alcohol addiction can develop for various reasons, most of which should be considered on the psychological plane. People with low-stress tolerance, low self-esteem, and dependence on the opinions of others are more liable to alcoholism. The work with psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists allows you to find out the reasons, form a new system of values and attitudes, instill the necessary skills for a sober life. 

Resocialization and adaptation in society 

The final treatment stage is getting back to society. A patient acquires new skills and attitudes while in the clinic, and now it is time to apply them in real life. Returning to the familiar environment, a person begins to restore his life that has been destroyed by drinking alcohol. Self-confidence, new attitudes, and skills help to cope with new life challenges, but this is a turning point, in which the support of specialists is especially important. It is important to continue to receive psychological help and communicate with like-minded people: while being in the stage of adaptation, the patient who is on the way to recovery can stay in touch with the center’s psychologist, attend group sessions, and receive any other support. 

The first stage, which is detoxification lasts no more than a couple of weeks, while the second and third take several months or even years. 

Alcoholism therapy in our clinic

The treatment starts with a thorough examination in the IsraRehab rehabilitation center: it is important to accurately and comprehensively assess the physical condition of a patient, characterize his personality and draw up a psychological portrait to work out a suitable treatment program. We offer the following:

  • guidance of experienced doctors throughout the entire treatment process;
  • thorough and accurate examination with the help of the latest equipment;
  • world-proven methods of addiction treatment;
  • comfortable accommodation in single and double rooms with amenities;
  • full, balanced nutrition and the necessary living conditions;
  • individual approach and friendly attitude of the personnel. 

For those who prefer to be treated individually, we have developed a VIP program. 

What determines the cost of alcoholism treatment?

The cost of treatment consists of several factors:

  • the period of alcohol addiction;
  • the duration of the treatment: the time a patient spends in the clinic;
  • overall health, presence or absence of concomitant pathologies.

The longer it takes to stay in Israel, the higher the cost of treatment. 

The cost of alcoholism treatment in Israel 

The cost of treatment includes medical, therapeutic, and rehabilitation services within each stage of treatment. 

  • Price table
  • Diagnostics

    500 $

  • Treatment and therapy

    from 7000 $

Peculiarities of staying at the IsraRehab clinic

The IsraRehab clinic is a closed guarded institution eliminating any temptations. All patients are always under the supervision of doctors and nursing staff. The environment allows you to create the most comfortable and therapeutic atmosphere: the nearby sea and a wonderful climate, blooming gardens contribute to rethinking your life. 

All patients who are making good progress on the way to complete recovery have the opportunity to go in for sports, visit the gym and receive advice from a fitness trainer, play table tennis, and billiards. We regularly take convalescents on excursions to places of power in Israel. Everyone can visit the pool and sauna, as well as go on a trip to the sea. 

IsraRehab is a small clinic. We can only have 12 patients at the time, so we advise you to make an appointment in advance. This helps us to take proper care of everyone, as well as create a truly calm, comfortable, and homely atmosphere. 

If your beloved one suffers from alcoholism, reach out to our clinic and our specialists. We will tell you about the procedure for a personal appeal, answer all your questions, and, if necessary, help in creating positive motivation for your nearest one. You can make sure of the high quality of the services provided by reading the reviews of our patients.

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Reviews on alcoholism treatment in Israel

Expressing gratitude

I want to express my gratitude for saving my son from these problems. A person who was addicted less than a year ago now lives a full life. He made friends, found himself hobbies and work. He returned to what he was before he became addicted.

I am very grateful to you for what you have done for me, my son, and my family. Thank you very much!

New life

It’s my wife who made me go to the clinic. I didn’t think I had a drinking problem. My wife made a condition: either I go to the clinic, or she takes our children and leaves, with no options. I had to obey.
The clinic did detoxification and said that we addressed timely. A psychotherapist worked with me for a long time. Cognitive-behavioral therapy worked fine on me. Recently I visited the clinic for a consultation: I have been sober for a year now, but for safety reasons I regularly call my doctor, and, behold, I came to see him face to face.
I am grateful to my wife and doctors that they did not let me reach rock bottom.

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