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Addiction treatment is a complex multifaceted process that requires the obligatory participation of specialized doctors and psychiatrists. Russia lacks attention to the psychological aspect, which is why 95% of patients sooner or later get back to the old track. As a result, the time was wasted, the money that was paid for the rehabilitation was thrown away, and close relatives are giving up in despair.

It’s totally different in our clinic. At IsraRehab, a narcologist-psychiatrist joins the process as soon as the patient has undergone drug treatment, and often in the middle of it: the main thing is that the person already understands what is happening to him and has the opportunity to create the right motivation.

How to get to IsraRehab

You can get from Moscow to Israel in just 4 hours. Reach out to our specialists by phone, WhatsApp or Viber:

  1. They will discuss all the details with you.
  2. They will tell you about treatment programs and methods of rehabilitation.
  3. They will tell you the approximate cost.
  4. They will arrange your arrival in Israel and put you in the clinic.

What you need to be treated at IsraRehab

The first and main thing is your desire to get well again. In case only relatives are thinking about treatment, we will advise them on how to properly motivate the addict to make him seek for medical help.

A huge advantage for Russians and Ukrainians who want to be treated in Israel is that a visa is not required for people entering the country as medical tourists.

For residents of other CIS countries, visa is required. The IsraRehab clinic helps in obtaining and extending a visa, in particular, we send an invitation to our future patients and, if necessary, contact the Israeli Embassy in your country by phone.


  • international passport;
  • insurance policy: you will not have to spend your money in case of insurance case;
  • medical report on the state of health;
  • an invitation from IsraRehab in duplicate (quite often one of them has to be presented while crossing the border);
  • money for staying in the clinic;
  • flying tickets (if necessary, we will book them for you ourselves at the best price);
  • personal belongings (the most necessary: what you will need for sure, you can discuss this with our specialists).

Payment for therapy – by cash or bank transfer.

How addictions are treated at IsraRehab

Most often people come to our clinic with alcoholism and drug addiction problems. The clinic staff meet patients and their relatives at the airport and accompany them throughout the entire period of rehabilitation.

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Drug and alcohol addiction therapy includes:

  • medical history and detailed diagnosis, including concomitant pathologies;
  • a final diagnosis;
  • treatment – pharmacological therapy and psychological rehabilitation;
  • family therapy.

Medical history, diagnostics, and diagnosing

The patient is examined by a neurologist, psychiatrist, therapist, and narcologist. If other diseases are suspected, and it is not an uncommon situation, if alcoholism or drug addiction are neglected, there may be required an instrumental and apparatus studies and a number of laboratory tests.

To make a diagnosis and develop a therapeutic scheme doctors hold a case conference.


It consists of two parts: taking pills, making droppers, injections, and psychological rehabilitation.

Medication therapy includes several groups of drugs:

  • etiological;
  • symptomatic;
  • pathogenetic.

With their help, the body is completely detoxified from chemicals, breakdown products, and toxins, painful symptoms are removed, the balance of vitamins, macro, and microelements is normalized.

IsraRehab does not use substitution therapy with methadone and drugs of a similar effect: we do not replace one addiction with another.

The drug therapy period depends entirely on the patient’s condition, neglect of the disease, and associated complications such as psychiatric, neurological, and therapeutic. In drug addicts, the rehabilitation period is also influenced by the drug that was taken.

After pharmacotherapy, the stage of psychological rehabilitation and socialization is initiated. Work with a psychologist is carried out in groups and individually and takes place in several stages. We use the method of existential psychotherapy for drug addicts. Its principles were developed by Professor G. Shoam.

Family psychotherapy courses are an important component in getting rid of an alcoholic or drug-addicted person from this bondage. The success of the treatment depends on how relatives behave with the patient.

Our specialists continue to stay in touch with patients even after they are discharged. Former alcohol and drug addicts can always ask a question and receive full psychological support by phone or online.

Treatment in our clinic is exclusively anonymous. If desired, the patient can be called by an assumed name. Information about the patients is entirely confidential. All employees of the rehabilitation center sign a non-disclosure agreement, which is valid even after their discharge. You can be rest assured when going to the IsraRehab. Here you will definitely get help: you will get rid of the addiction, will be assisted on the way to adaption to society, and will be always supported.

If the examination reveals severe concomitant pathologies, our specialists will assign you to the best Israeli clinic. We cooperate with IsraVitaMed. It organizes treatment in Israel for foreign patients.

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