Treatment of bulimia in Israel

Control over weight and nutrition is an important component of maintaining health, but only when it is done in a healthy and conscious manner. However, there are cases where a person exhibits unhealthy eating behavior due to a nervous pathology. Such a disorder poses a threat to normal life and requires treatment. The IsraRehab clinic warmly opens its doors to everyone to help overcome the illness and live a happy life.

Bulimia is a nervous breakdown associated with disrupted eating patterns. Its characteristic feature is that a person periodically swings between opposite extremes:

  • Uncontrolled overeating. It can occur in the form of binge episodes and can also be persistent or nocturnal in nature.
  • Compulsive attempts to reduce body weight through excessive exercise, the use of laxatives, inducing vomiting, or restrictive diets.

Moreover, such changes are also observed in mood. Self-esteem is directly dependent on body weight or external appearance. Treatment for bulimia is necessary because the progression of the condition can lead to severe consequences. In addition to serious gastrointestinal disorders, the patient may experience neurosis, serious complications, and disrupted relationships with others. In severe cases, acute heart failure or even death can occur.

However, the good news is that the illness is treatable. The chances of a favorable outcome significantly increase when seeking help at the IsraRehab clinic. Advanced Israeli medicine and the local climate will help overcome the pathology once and for all.

Thorough analysis for causes at the IsraRehab clinic

The doctors at the IsraRehab clinic are confident that accurate diagnosis plays a crucial role in the subsequent treatment process. To confirm the presence of the pathology, specialists utilize the following methodologies:

  • Communication with the patient. Being honest while communicating helps to quickly identify signs of the illness and its severity.
  • Conversation with relatives or close ones. It is used in certain situations to obtain a more complete picture.
  • Additional diagnostics. If the patient abuses laxatives, induces vomiting, or harms the body in other ways, it can have effects on the health of teeth, kidneys, and other organs, so recommendations for additional diagnostics may be given.

During the examination, IsraRehab therapists analyze not only the current condition of the patient but also determine the possible causes of the disorder. The development of the illness is often associated with nervous or endocrine system pathologies, as well as accompanying mental disorders. Therefore, the actions of the doctors are aimed at eliminating the root cause of the illness, which allows for a permanent result with minimal risk of relapse.

Photos of the IsraRehab clinic

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The development of a treatment plan at the IsraRehab clinic is based on the results of diagnostics. This speeds up rehabilitation, enhances its effectiveness, and makes the treatment gentle.

Treatment of bulimia using Israeli methodology

IsraRehab clinic utilizes all the advanced achievements of Israeli and global medicine related to the treatment of bulimia and associated breakdowns. With a comprehensive and thoughtful approach to treatment, all changes or disruptions in a person’s psyche and body are reversible. This means that upon completion of rehabilitation, the patient can be completely healthy, often even in a better condition than before the onset of the initial symptoms of the illness.

The treatment process is monitored by several specialists:

  • Psychiatrist
  • Psychotherapist
  • Nutritionist

One of the main approaches is cognitive-behavioral therapy, during which the patient learns to control his eating habits through recording, specific procedures, and practices. In more than half of the cases, this method serves as the primary approach, while in other situations, additional methods are incorporated, such as the use of antidepressants, psychotherapy, or dietary therapy.

The value of an individual approach

The IsraRehab Rehabilitation Center employs only a personalized approach. When developing a treatment plan, all the unique aspects of the patient’s psyche and personality are taken into account. This allows for the use of highly effective methodologies and addressing the root cause of the illness to prevent relapses.

Rehabilitation conditions are the key to recovery

Treatment in a rehabilitation center has got a lot of major advantages. The healing climate in Israel, excursion programs, and trips to the sea help distract from negative thoughts, while attentive staff and plenty of opportunities for active recreation make the healing process relaxed and comfortable. 

  • Price table
  • Diagnostic assessment

    500 $

  • Treatment and therapy for bulimia at IsraRehab

    7000 $

The facilities and medicine at the IsraRehab clinic provide the best opportunity to overcome debilitating pathology and return to a happy life that brings immense joy.

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