Treatment of Depression in Israel

Depression is a true scourge of modern society, as many people are vulnerable to this condition. The illness negatively affects the quality of a person’s life and his interaction with the surrounding world, and the symptoms are severe enough that self-management is difficult. Fortunately, there is a solution: the IsraRehab clinic utilizes advanced developments in Israeli and global medicine for the diagnosis and treatment of this condition.

Depression is referred to as a mental disorder characterized by a loss of ability to experience pleasure and persistent low mood. Associated factors often include a loss of interest in usual activities, sleep or appetite problems, and other symptoms. It is important to understand that simply having a bad mood or feeling tired does not necessarily indicate depression, as a mental disorder must be diagnosed by a doctor.

Despite the complexity of the condition and its impact on a person’s life, depression is highly diagnosable and treatable, especially with the application of advanced medical techniques. This is precisely the approach employed by the IsraRehab clinic, which can help individuals overcome depressive disorders and once again experience joy in their favorite activities and daily routines. 

How is depression diagnosed?

To achieve effective and accurate diagnosis of depression, the assistance and honesty of the patient are crucial. Some symptoms are not visible to others as the changes occur only in the patient’s brain. By openly sharing their situation, changes in thinking or impulses, and responding to the doctor’s questions, the patient significantly increases the chances of an accurate diagnosis and successful rehabilitation.

There are several diagnostic methods used in Israeli medicine. They share a common feature: a set of core and additional symptoms that manifest in patients. The diagnosis is confirmed if the person exhibits a specific number of criteria, which are assessed. The main symptoms of the illness include:

  • Decline or lack of energy, rapid onset of fatigue. A consistent symptom observed for an extended period like several weeks or more.
  • Low mood and depression without objective reasons. It should also be persistent, lasting for at least two weeks.
  • Lack of joy or pleasure in activities that used to be of interest.

To confirm the patient has this condition, specialists at the clinic pay attention to additional symptoms, including pessimism, sleep disturbances, appetite or weight problems, thoughts of death, and concentration concerns. Experienced doctors can not only detect the illness but also identify its cause, which accelerates the recovery process.

The diagnostic process is based on detailed talks with the patient himself and his family members if necessary. Additional tests may be taken, but in any case, an accurate diagnosis will be made to determine the appropriate treatment.

The treatment of depression in an Israeli clinic is based on what?

The IsraRehab clinic’s key goal is to free the patient from the illness rather than conceal the symptoms. Therefore, the treatment methods are aimed at addressing the cause. If depression has arisen as a result of a somatic (physical) illness, it cannot be ignored as its elimination, since otherwise rehabilitation would only yield a temporary effect.

To overcome depression, doctors at the clinic select an appropriate treatment method that includes one or several stages:

  • Pharmacotherapy. A course of medication is prescribed, such as herbal supplements or individually selected antidepressants.
  • Psychotherapy. It helps not only to cope with depression but also to improve social adaptation, which will be beneficial after the course.
  • Physical exercises. They may be beneficial for certain patients. The appropriateness of therapeutic application is assessed individually.

Rehabilitation Center of Tranquility and Renewal

IsraRehab offers the most comfortable rehabilitation conditions in a peaceful homely atmosphere. Picturesque gardens and landscapes surround the buildings, while the climate of Israel enhances well-being. During the warm season, trips to the sea are organized.

The on-site area is also cozy thanks to nutritious meals, comfortable rooms, and recreational facilities such as a gym and sports grounds. Attentive and caring doctors will help adhere to the treatment methodology and ensure a comfortable stay at the rehabilitation center.

The effectiveness of an individual program

At the IsraRehab clinic, there are no standard template courses – all treatment is developed taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient. This increases the effectiveness of rehabilitation and makes it less painful. 

  • Price table
  • Diagnostic assessment

    500 $

  • Treatment and therapy for depression at IsraRehab

    7000 $

Israeli nature and the modern approach of specialists ensures a fast and reliable way to overcome depression and live a full, joyful life!

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