Alcohol addiction treatment abroad

Alcoholism has long been considered a bad habit, and even now it is condemned by society. However, addiction to alcohol is not a consequence of a bad nature and not only an addiction, it is a chronic disease. It starts off harmlessly, with Friday get-togethers with friends and episodes of drinking just to relax and have fun.

Those who think that such a disease often affects people of low social status are absolutely mistaken. People from all social strata are susceptible to addiction – drug addicts often have to deal, including with the leaders of large enterprises, businessmen and people with high incomes. This is due to the psychological nature of alcoholism.

You can be treated from alcoholism abroad at the IsraRehab clinic in Israel. We offer an integrated approach from accurate diagnostics to detoxification, withdrawal from abstinence to rehabilitation and personality recovery.

Is it worth getting treated from alcoholism abroad?

The major advantage of alcoholism treatment abroad is the high level of medicine. The work with an addict is carried out in all directions at once: cleansing the body of toxins and ethanol decay products, psychotherapeutic effects and psychological support.

Despite the fact that the prices for a stay in a rehabilitation center 10 minutes from the sea can naturally be higher than staying in a Russian clinic, the cost of treatment and rehabilitation services is controlled by the state: you can be sure that the price is fair. No private center can charge three times more than a government agency.

Progressive methods are widely used abroad: modern treatment tools and rehabilitation are being introduced, reliable and proven methods are used. State supervision over the quality of the assistance provided is carried out.

Alcoholism treatment abroad has another, non-obvious advantage. Changing the environment allows you to get rid of possible temptations. And in the case of a foreign clinic, the prevention of breakdown is, among other things, a foreign language environment and a lack of social contacts. The IsraRehab Rehabilitation Center is located far from city infrastructure, shops and entertainment venues, close to the coast. All this excludes disruptions.

Anonymity is a significant advantage. Many addicts postpone visiting a narcologist for fear of being registered or public censure if the addiction is revealed. People who hold leadership positions attach particular importance to this. The fear of losing a career and a decent job forces people not to reveal the problem. When you contact a clinic abroad, you can be sure that no one will know about the course of treatment. Departure can be arranged as a vacation at your own expense, which will preserve your reputation and high-paying work.

In an Israeli clinic, it is permissible to use an assumed name. Patient data are not disclosed, which is confirmed by an open-ended agreement with doctors even if a specialist is dismissed from the clinic, he has no right to transfer information to third parties.

Comprehensive examination of alcohol addicts abroad

Alcohol addiction is a disease that affects both physical and mental health. Therefore, comprehensive diagnostics aims not only to determine the stage of addiction, but also to assess the scale of the consequences that alcohol has already been able to inflict.

Long-term alcohol consumption incapacitates the psyche, nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, internal organs, heart and blood vessels. Some changes are irreversible, which means that it is important to understand at what stage the addict is at the moment.

A comprehensive diagnostics is prescribed by a psychiatrist-narcologist. The first session may include:

  • conversation with the patient and his relatives;
  • examination (skin, pupils, etc.), identification of signs of alcoholism and the assumption of the stage of dependence;
  • testing and other techniques to determine the psycho-emotional state, exclude or confirm concomitant pathologies: depression, neuroses, and other personality disorders.

Further on, it will be necessary to conduct a number of laboratory tests and the use of instrumental examination methods:

  • ultrasound of internal organs, heart, blood vessels;
  • MRI and CT;
  • ECG;
  • Rheoencephalography, etc.

Based on the results of the examination, the specialist will prescribe a course of medication support. This will improve the functions of organs and systems, and in combination with detoxification therapy will help improve overall well-being and begin a full-fledged rehabilitation.

Alcoholism treatment methods in foreign clinics

Medicinal treatment of alcoholism is only a support and addition to the main course of treatment. It is important to understand that there are no pills for alcohol dependence, because this disease is of a psychogenic nature. The doctor can prescribe medications to alleviate the condition with withdrawal symptoms, prescribe a course of therapy to correct the effects of alcohol consumption. Getting rid of the addiction itself begins as part of comprehensive psychosocial rehabilitation.

Over the years, the 12 steps rehabilitation program has undergone several modifications and has established itself as an effective tool for getting rid of addiction. It can be applied to any form of addiction, for any religion and belief, there are almost no any restrictions. The goal of this program is to understand your disease and the need to seek help, assess the scale of the consequences of the disease, find ways to eliminate them and become better.

The program is effectively complemented by leading psychotherapeutic tools such as:

  • cognitive-behavioral therapy: allows to help a person to become aware of non-constructive attitudes, to see how his behavior depends on the perception of the surrounding reality, to replace attitudes with positive ones;
  • gestalt therapy: is a tool for developing awareness and taking responsibility for your life;
  • art therapy: gives an opportunity to express hidden feelings and emotions, to work out through fears and anxieties;
  • existential analysis: allows you to analyze and explore your personality, individual experience and meanings;
  • transactional analysis: it is required for the independence development, being in a state of being right here and right now, being engaged in the current moment;
  • psychodrama: allows you to work out negative and inappropriate emotional reactions to situations, live previous experience in a healthy way, recreate a traumatic situation and develop new behavioral strategies;
  • family psychotherapy: provides an opportunity to work with the family as a whole system and come to positive changes in interpersonal relationships.

The set of tools for working with a specific patient can be completely unique, it all depends on his personality characteristics, wishes, level of motivation for recovery and other factors. This approach allows you to achieve the greatest efficiency, because each personality is unique and inimitable.

Rehabilitation aims to:

  • instill the skills of independent life;
  • teach ways to deal with stress;
  • develop personal potential;
  • instill a new system of values and new interests, without any place for alcohol.

This allows you to return to a normal life, restore relationships with friends and family, choose a profession or rehabilitate at your previous job, lead a sober lifestyle and be happy.

Psychological assistance is required at all treatment stages. Leaving the medical and rehabilitation institution, a person continues the path of recovery. The moment of returning to the previous environment can be a turning point, so it is important to receive support during the adaptation stage. The team of the IsraRehab center continues to work with the patient after his/her discharge: he/she can attend group sessions, communicate with specialists remotely, contact in difficult situations, ask questions of interest at any time and receive detailed answers from a psychologist.

Peculiarities of alcoholism treatment at the IsraRehab clinic

IsraRehab practices an individual and comprehensive approach to treatment. We pay attention to the physical condition of patients: we carry out detoxification, removal from binge or we can relieve withdrawal symptoms. Our treatment is based on the “12 steps” program. Experienced psychotherapists work together using the best methods: art therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychodrama, etc. Classes are conducted in groups and individually, and for those who especially appreciate privacy, we have a VIP program.

Life in a rehab center is a complementary therapeutic environment. We offer our patients occupational therapy in the picturesque orchards that surround the medical buildings. Sports activities, pool visits and trips to the sea, as well as field trips around Israel are provided.

Living conditions are close to home as much as possible. We comfortably accommodate those who are on their path to recovery in single or double rooms. There is a gym on the territory of the center, classes with a fitness coach, billiards and table tennis are available to patients. There is cable TV with Russian channels to watch in your free time.

Cost of alcoholism treatment abroad

The price of alcoholism treatment abroad is determined individually. It all depends on the patient’s condition, the period of alcohol consumption, the presence or absence of concomitant pathologies, the list of selected techniques, the duration of the course of psychosocial rehabilitation. See our price list in the table below.

  • Price table
  • Diagnostics

    500 $

  • Treatment and therapy

    from 7000 $

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