Treatment of impulsivity in Israel

A person’s personality and his ability to interact with others are determined not only by his mental health but also by his emotional state. Some character traits or behavioral features may be harmless, while others negatively affect relationships with loved ones, and getting rid of them is not so easy. Qualified rehabilitation center IsraRehab can help with that.

Impulsivity is a behavioral characteristic that manifests itself in systematic impulsive words or actions driven by emotions or external influences. Impulsive individuals tend to be unrestrained, irritable, thoughtless, or prone to taking offense.

The peculiarity of impulsivity is that the awareness of consequences takes place as quickly as the impulse to act. A person fully realizes that he has acted inappropriately, but in a similar situation, he repeats the same behavior. This trait has something in common with impulsiveness but only affects emotional expressions, whereas impulsivity relates to words and actions.

Impulsivity can have a negative impact on a person’s quality of life. Its manifestations lead to impulsive purchases, deteriorating relationships with family members, or other unpleasant consequences. Since this trait can have multiple causes, including mental disorders, it is worth seriously considering diagnosis and undergoing a rehabilitation program at a clinic if one is unable to rectify the situation independently.

How is impulsivity determined in the clinic?

The assistance that patients receive at the IsraRehab clinic begins with a comprehensive diagnostic assessment of their condition. The primary diagnostic method is through conversation. During the conversation, a psychologist or psychiatrist analyzes the patient’s behavior, paying attention to issues with attention span, restlessness, and other primary signs. Additionally, information provided by the individual is taken into account.

Sometimes impulsive individuals are unable to independently evaluate their actions or recognize impulsive behavior in their lifestyle. In such cases, assistance can come from close relatives who can provide an outside perspective on the situation. By having a conversation with them, the doctor receives a more complete picture of the person’s psychological state.

In addition to observation and gathering information, IsraRehab doctors may employ additional diagnostic methods, including psychological testing. Carefully designed tests may involve experiments with provocation, questionnaires, or projective tests. The purpose of such testing is not only to confirm the presence of impulsivity but also to assess its origin or specific characteristics.

Effective treatment methods in the IsraRehab rehabilitation center

In the treatment of impulsivity, the IsraRehab clinic relies on proven therapy techniques that have proven themselves in Israel or in global medicine. The choice of treatment method depends on the condition or circumstances that have caused the development of such a character trait. There are three main approaches distinguished that help to cope with impulsivity and control such impulses:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy and other forms of psychotherapy. Psychologists and psychiatrists at IsraRehab develop exercises and sessions that help patients learn self-control, attentional focus, and other important skills that restrain impulsive urges.
  • Pharmacological therapy. This is applied in cases of dangerous manifestations of impulsivity when the patient may harm himself or others. The selection of medications is done on an individual basis and includes anticonvulsants, antidepressants, and other substances that are administered according to strict dosage.
  • Development of new behavioral habits. Patients learn to plan their day or actions, analyze their state, and work on their shortcomings. These skills will help them lead a fulfilling life after rehabilitation.
  • Price table
  • Diagnostic assessment

    500 $

  • Treatment and therapy for impulsivity at IsraRehab

    7000 $

As mentioned before, the treatment at IsraRehab is fully personalized, taking into account a person’s mental state, health, and other circumstances. This approach helps to achieve maximum and long-lasting results.

Photos of the IsraRehab clinic

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Healing Israeli nature

Patients of the IsraRehab rehabilitation center will appreciate not only the advanced approach of the doctors but also the favorable environment. The healing Israeli climate will help improve overall well-being, and one can distract oneself from unpleasant thoughts during excursions, trips to the sea, or simply by observing nature. The combination of cutting-edge medical achievements, individual approach, and soothing atmosphere are the best tools to overcome the consequences of impulsive behavior and live a fulfilling, and what’s more important, controlled life.

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