The path to recovery from substance abuse

Drug addiction remains one of the most acute problems in modern society, as it is easy to start abusing drugs but very challenging to quit. However, there is a way out of the abyss of addiction, and many have successfully overcome it. Learn about the steps that help individuals break free from addiction, why it is much more effective to do so in specialized centers, and how IsraRehab aids in liberation from narcotic bondage.

Drug addiction treatment – a complex yet conquerable journey

Drug addiction is indeed a formidable foe, as a strong attachment to psychoactive substances can develop after just a few or even one use. However, this does not mean that “there aren’t any former addicts.” Disregard this misleading statement, as overcoming the urge for a destructive habit is within the reach of any determined individual. Even lacking determination or motivation, such qualities can be developed with the assistance of rehabilitation center specialists.

For successful drug addiction treatment, it is crucial to understand that addiction comprises two components:

  • Chemical addiction: the body’s adaptation to psychoactive substances.
  • Psychological addiction: mental and behavioral attachment to a certain lifestyle.

 In order to recover, it is important not only to focus on abstaining from drugs but to approach the problem comprehensively so that even after a prolonged hiatus, subconscious cravings for psychoactive substances do not resurface. While success is theoretically possible independently, the chances multiply when recovery is guided by a qualified specialist. This helps minimize painful symptoms and facilitates a quicker return to normal life. 

Steps towards recovery

 On the path to recovery from substance abuse, individuals need to overcome certain obstacles. Each one is equally important, as only by adhering to the entire process can a positive outcome be achieved. Let’s delve into the main three stages in order.

Awareness of the problem

The times when addiction was treated involuntarily are long gone, and now rehabilitation requires the patient’s consent. It is not just a legal requirement; without the patient’s personal willingness, the results are likely to be short-lived. Those undergoing rehabilitation solely because of pressure from family or close ones often experience relapses shortly after completing treatment.

The IsraRehab clinic addresses the issue of personal motivation in-depth. Through personal conversations and other sessions, therapists help patients realize the severity of their addiction and its consequences. A motivated individual not only completes the rehabilitation course but also continues to make efforts to avoid returning to such a lifestyle.

Treatment of chemical addiction

To overcome chemical addiction, simply discontinuing substance use may be insufficient, as many patients experience withdrawal syndrome, or “withdrawal.” In some situations, symptoms can be painful and even dangerous, so they cannot be simply “endured.” Clinic specialists make individual prescriptions of medications to help alleviate symptoms and navigate this period without consequences for the body.

Psychological recovery and rehabilitation

Even if the chemical addiction barrier is overcome, the patient still faces psychological attachment to drug use and the sensations experienced. Psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and other approaches help:

  • Avoid situations triggering the desire for drugs.
  • Address psychological reasons leading to substance abuse.
  • Replace destructive habits with beneficial activities.
  • Cope with low self-esteem or other consequences of addiction.
  • Adapt to the social environment and feel confident.

Patients who have undergone full rehabilitation are psychologically resilient and know what they want from life after conquering addiction. Such individuals have no reason to return to drugs, allowing them to maintain their results for many years.

IsraRehab – the path to freedom from addiction

If you want to not just endure until the next relapse but liberate yourself from addiction forever, seek assistance from the IsraRehab rehabilitation center. Experienced therapists here apply the best methodologies from Israeli and global medicine in their treatment. 

A personalized treatment plan, psychological support, a comfortable rehabilitation center, and the healing climate of Israel will help break free from the burdensome addiction and live a life free from drugs.

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