Personalized approaches to drug addiction rehabilitation at IsraRehab

Drug addiction treatment has practices in many clinics worldwide, with the effectiveness of rehabilitation varying significantly. What is the secret to success? Today we will try to explain why a personalized approach yields better results and outline the measures taken by the IsraRehab rehab center.

Drug addiction: does it require a special approach?

In the past, it was believed that setting out conditions making drug use impossible and allowing for a certain period of abstinence would combat addiction. However, a deeper analysis of the nature of addiction revealed that addiction forms in at least two areas:

  • Chemical addiction: substances indeed induce physiological addiction, and withdrawal symptoms, known as withdrawal syndrome, may occur in their absence. These manifestations are alleviated through medication and are relatively short-lasting.
  • Psychological addiction: psychoactive substances affect the addicts’ psyche, so even in the absence of a physiological craving for drugs, they may consciously desire to use them. Overcoming this type of addiction takes much longer and requires specific methods.

Other factors may also influence the strength of addiction and the ability to combat it. For example, some individuals are more susceptible due to their social circle, mental state, or other factors. Therefore, applying generic methods to different patients cannot yield identical results: some may be sufficiently motivated to break the addiction, while others may experience a relapse within a few weeks. A personalized approach utilizes only effective methodologies, making rehabilitation particularly efficient.

The importance of a personalized treatment plan

Although every drug addict who seeks assistance from a qualified specialist has a chance of recovery, the likelihood of a successful outcome depends directly on how well the applied therapy methods align with the individual’s characteristics. The outmost effectiveness is demonstrated by individually tailored treatment plans, the content of which depends on factors such as:

  • Type of addictive substance: the strength and nature of the impact of psychoactive substances on patients differ, so neutralizing chemical addiction is planned considering the characteristics of the specific drug used.
  • Allergies or intolerances: special medications are used to alleviate withdrawal syndrome, prescribed only after the physician ensures that their use does not provoke an acute reaction in the patient’s body.
  • Mental state: drug addiction often coexists with mental disorders or profound psychological problems. When abstaining from drugs, these pathologies can get worse. Therefore, the goal of physicians is to help the patient overcome addiction without triggering a renewed attraction to psychoactive substances.
  • Root causes of addiction: people rarely experiment with drugs without underlying reasons, such as socialization problems, childhood traumas, shocks, etc. Addressing these issues during treatment helps reduce the risk of relapse and improves the overall condition of the patient.

A personalized treatment plan is drafted based on an in-depth diagnosis of drug addicts entering the rehabilitation center. Such an approach not only helps overcome addiction but also enhances the quality of life.

How IsraRehab specialists identify the patient’s needs?

The IsraRehab clinic uses cutting-edge advancements in Israeli and global medicine to diagnose various types and causes of drug addiction, as well as to address them.

The assessment of the patient’s condition includes, among other things, discussions with a qualified specialist. The doctor communicates with the patient to understand their perception of the situation and, if possible, consults with his close relatives, who can provide insights into the addiction from an external perspective. The treatment plan is formulated based on the diagnostic results.

Reliable treatment at the Israeli clinic

The effectiveness of drug addiction treatment at IsraRehab is ensured by:

  • Qualified specialists who employ the most effective and modern rehabilitation methods.
  • Personalized treatment approach: eliminating addiction symptoms and aiding in overcoming psychological problems.
  • Behavioral model formation techniques aimed at preventing relapses.
  • Rehabilitation center facilities: comfortable rooms and opportunities for recreational activities on-site or beyond.
  • Healing Israeli climate: enhances overall well-being and strength.

Certainly, combating drug addiction is a lengthy process, but IsraRehab specialists assist in achieving victory over addiction and discovering new joys in a drug-free life.

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