Recovery in motion: the role of physical activity in rehabilitating drug addicts

Rehabilitation for drug addicts is a lengthy process during which patients not only overcome their cravings for drugs but also learn to live anew. In addition to psychotherapy and other conventional methods, sports are incorporated into the recovery of drug addicts. Discover why physical activity is associated with rehabilitation, the approaches employed by leading specialists, and the conditions created for effective rehabilitation at the forefront IsraRehab clinic.

The importance of physical activity: physiological and psychological effects

The integration of physical education and sports in working with drug addicts is not a disputed innovation but a method whose effectiveness has been proven by years of practice in rehabilitation centers. Various clinics include sports facilities, simple physical activities, or even personalized training plans and competitive sports in their rehabilitation programs. The effectiveness of such institutions is much higher than those using outdated methods to combat drug addiction.

Physical activity accompanying the rehabilitation process of drug addicts helps achieve several solutions:

  • Energy release: refraining from psychoactive substances can result in emotional tension or impulses to act. Sporting activities provide an outlet for expelling energy productively, combining this process with beneficial activities.
  • Boost self-esteem: many drug addicts struggle with self-esteem issues, and sports can help rectify this. When a patient improves their athletic performance and achieves results, they gain confidence in their abilities and begin to respect themselves. These qualities are essential for future adaptation to society.
  • Develop self-discipline: when physical activity adheres to a strict schedule (or when patients have set goals to achieve), it instills discipline and fosters the ability to act according to a plan. Developing self-discipline helps control desires, avoid bad habits, and reach set goals.
  • Improve overall physical condition: medical professionals acknowledge that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Thus, bringing the body into shape directly influences psychological stability and the ability to cope with drug addiction.
  • Combat lethargy and depression: individuals struggling with drug addiction or those who have recently quit psychoactive substances often experience lethargy. Physical activity helps combat these states, making it an essential component alongside other therapeutic methods.
  • Productive time management: patients with drug addiction spent a significant amount of time on their habit and interacting with other addicts. To prevent relapses, it’s crucial to fill this time with productive activities.

The final effect depends on the type of physical activity used in the rehabilitation center. For instance, team or competitive sports also enhance communication skills, a competitive spirit, and the ability to build healthy relationships. The improvement or development of social skills is another crucial step for a patient’s life after leaving the rehabilitation center.

Approach used by specialists

Specialists at the IsraRehab rehab center take physical activity seriously and include it in the rehabilitation schedule alongside psychotherapy and other treatment methods. Sporting events are designed to alleviate psychological tension, improve the patient’s mood, and develop their personality.

To make sports effective, patients are given the choice of activities to express themselves in a discipline that suits their abilities and preferences. Afterward, specialists draft a schedule for these activities, and goals are set to discipline the patients and help them celebrate their successes

Movement therapy at the IsraRehab clinic

All conditions are created for the recovery of drug addicts at the IsraRehab rehabilitation center. Sports are integrated into the daily schedule, and therapeutic programs include various forms of physical activity:

  • Gym
  • Table tennis
  • Billiards
  • Sports fields (volleyball, football, basketball)
  • Swimming pool
  • Seasonal trips to the sea
  • Sessions with a fitness coach

Patients at the IsraRehab center can choose the sports or physical activities that interest them, allowing them to succeed and raise their self-esteem. Meanwhile, therapeutic activities help them overcome both chemical and psychological addiction, freeing them from addiction and returning them to society as healthy individuals.

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